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Dan: Toronto based Yeti, music enthusiast, record collector and lover of nerdy things, feminism, and body-positivity. Battling depression so you'll likely see a lot of talk of that here.

I’m very sick, so I’ve fallen down a weird rabbit hole of watching Japanese pro-wrestling.

I dunno, man.

The worst part about playing my ps2 again is I can’t turn it on from the controller like I can with my more modern consoles.

My ancestors worked hard to make a better life for future generations. I shouldn’t have to press the on button like some sort of caveman.

I just did an arc with Warren Ellis — and no one else on the planet could get away with this, because I think this is like harassment? — But Warren felt like there was a depiction of Spider-Woman where it looked like her waist perhaps didn’t contain any internal organs. And he suggested very quietly … ‘You should fix that, or else I will come to your house and nail your feet to the floor and set your house on fire.’ … And it totally got fixed!

Kelly Sue DeConnick (via comicquotations)

Bringing this back … no reason.

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*A gif from a cult movie that people relate to their personality*

Baby Got Back was always terrible, and the fact that it’s back in public consciousness is annoying. I don’t ever want to think about that song again. I don’t care what Nicki Minaj puts on top of it.