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I can’t sleep, and when I’m awake this late I get sad.


Sons of Anarchy is so bad at managing it’s tension and drama. Nothing is ever displayed naturally because they put a goddamned song on top of everything. I said I wasn’t going to watch this year, but Courtney Love’s supposed to be in it, and there’s only one season left.

I imagine at some point in their writers room someone said “You know how awesome it was when The Wire did a montage at the end of every season? Well we should do it every episode.” And then another writer had a brilliant idea “No, we should do two an episode!”


Your knowledge is impressive
And your argument is good
But I am the resurrection, babe,
And you’re standing on my foot!

'Little Empty Boat' by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

That was how Smallville lost me. People telling Clark he”s destined for great things. And Lex talking about how he and Clark were going to be friends forever.

I’m just envisioning scenes of criminals saying they don’t like bats, and me rolling my eyes.


Gotham posters

Ivy Pepper? What the fuck?

Also, this is exactly why I’m nervous about this show. I don’t want a show full of nothing but foreshadowing. Gordon looking into the distance and wishing someone would rise up to save the city, and shit like that.

I know I can’t top last year’s Halloween costume, so I’m not even going to try. But I finally think I found something pretty cool.

Oh shit. Acid Witch is coming!

And now there’s video of me badly singing Daddy Cool at karaoke, and dancing real badly on Facebook. Good thing I have no shame.